"Best of Car Talk" tapes...come and get 'em!

shameless commerce
Dear Tom and Ray:

A friend of mine said you recently came out with a tape of the funniest calls you've gotten on your radio show. Can you tell me where I can get a copy for my dad?

TOM: I'm sorry, Melanie. It would beneath us to use our own column to hawk our very own "Best of Car Talk" tape.

RAY: People would see it as self-serving if we used valuable space in our column to tell people that it's available at book and record stores for a measely $9.95. And that it contains some of the funniest stuff that's ever happened on our radio show...calls about boyfriends burping gas tanks, dogs doing disgusting things in heating vents, and people who suddenly speak with a French accent after being in a car accident.

TOM: And we certainly can't give you the 303-595-5905 number where you can mail-order the tape directly. That would be very tacky.

RAY: So we're not going to be able to help you, Melanie. But maybe you can get Dad another tie?
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shameless commerce

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