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RAY: This was sent in by Dave Moran.

Dave writes, "I just made this up. There's a fancy French restaurant called Cafe Pretension. It started a new promotion. On their anniversary, a married couple purchasing an entrée at full price would get the second entrée free. The promotion turned out to be a huge success.

"Of course, the restaurant required diners to bring some proof of the date of their anniversary to receive the discount.

"One Wednesday night a waiter came to Francois, the owner, and said, 'Boss, that couple over there are claiming that today is their anniversary, but they don't have any proof.'

"Francois went over and introduced himself and engaged in a little tête-à-tête with them. Francois asked the woman, 'Tell me a little bit about your wedding day.'

"She said, 'It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the birds were chirping as I opened my window to prepare to get ready for my wedding. I saw the flowers in bloom. It was spectacular.' She went on to explain to Francois that today was their 28th wedding anniversary.

"Francois says, 'How charming! But, unfortunately, you do not qualify. I don't believe that today is your 28th wedding anniversary. In fact,' he says, 'You're a bold-faced liar!' And he slaps her across the face, and spills her husband's vichyssoise onto his lap."

How did Francois know that today was not their wedding anniversary?

Think you know? Drop Ray a note!

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