A fraud in an ascot

The Puzzler

RAY: A well-dressed gentleman enters a bank, approaches a teller and begins to tell his tale of woe. He says, "Pardon me, Madam, I hope you can help me. You see, I'm an English professor at Northwestern University and I am a visitor to your fair city, and I find myself in need of someone's help. I'm here visiting with my wife and my two daughters and I have no money with me, because my wife and my oldest daughter have gone out shopping this morning and taken my wallet, which contained my cash and credit cards --"
TOM: And ID.
RAY: "And identification, of course. They left me alone with the other daughter who has taken ill and I must buy her some medication, but I have no money. If you would be kind enough to cash a check for me for $50, that would be a great help to me and my daughter."
TOM: Yes.
RAY: The teller looks up and down. He's well dressed, distinguished looking, obviously quite articulate.
TOM: Little bit of a British accent.
RAY: Definitely. An English professor from Northwestern University. Pedantic, pretentious.
TOM: Snob!
RAY: Everything that you would expect a college professor to be, and he's wearing an ascot, of course. The teller looks at him and says, "I won't be able to help you, sir, because you are a fraud and a liar."
TOM: Ooh!
RAY: And he says, "Pardon me?" But she was absolutely correct. What was it that tipped the teller off?

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