Frank's Party of Five

The Puzzler

RAY: This will be brief because last week's was so lengthy, and it really wasn't that -- I mean considering the length of it, my brother is now looking at me saying what was last week's puzzler. We just discussed it ten minutes ago.

TOM: Oh, it's Doug -- about Doug, yeah, that was long, but it was good.

RAY: You liked it huh?

TOM: I did.

RAY: Well, see how you like this one buddy.

TOM: Yeah, OK, go ahead.

RAY: My neighbor Frank says to me one day, he says I have five children. I say I know that. He says half of them are boys. I said I'll get right back to you. Can you explain that?

TOM: Well, that's it huh?

RAY: Now if you think you know the answer...

TOM: That's brief.

RAY: It is brief.

TOM: Yeah.

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