Focus Driven: A New Distracted Driving Nonprofit Launches

distracted driving
This past week saw the launch of what we think will be a major, new non-profit distracted driving organization, Focus Driven Advocates for Cell-Free Driving. The founder and President is Jennifer Smith. (You can hear an interview with her, right here.) Last fall, her mom Linda was killed by a driver on a cell phone. He was driving at the posted speed limit, and ran through a red light.

Focus Driven is interested in sharing personal stories from families and survivors of accidents caused by distracted driving. Like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, their goal is to supplement statistics with the stories of real people. We think sharing personal stories can be extremely powerful. It humanizes the issue in a way that a dozen good studies can never really accomplish.

By the way... for those of you decide to call in sick tomorrow, or are otherwise at home avoiding work: Jennifer's going to be on The Oprah Winfrey show. The show's focus will be distracted driving.

Jennifer makes what we think is a good point. We all know, in our hearts, that distracted driving is wrong. But, until it's illegal, some drivers will continue to us that fact as a justification to continue driving and using the phone. As Jennifer says, some drivers will think, "It's wrong, but it's still legal so it can't be that wrong."

We wish Jennifer and her group all the best.
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