In a Flash of Light

The Puzzler

TOM: Are dancing girls involved?

RAY: Well, in your version of it. Now even though Todd Markin's letter was really convincing I didn't trust him. I mean I've been embarrassed so many times before with puzzlers that sounded so good, I had to consult my pal, Dr. Paul Vinger who's an ophthalmologist to find out if in fact this answer was legit.

TOM: Or --

TOM: AND RAY: Bo-oh-oh-gus.

RAY: And as you might suspect, the old men were critical because they had had something done to them that only old people have. They had had cataract surgery. And when you have cataracts removed, the lens is removed because the lens is what's gotten cloudy. And what the lens does is it filters out ultraviolet light. So when the lens is removed on those people who have had the surgery, they can now see ultraviolet light, and of course the young German soldiers -- none of whom had ever had cataract surgery -- could not see the light.

TOM: Wow.

RAY: So who's our winner?

TOM: The winner is Melissa Laird from Missoula, Montana.

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