Fire Truck Race

The Puzzler

RAY: Bribe the judge.

TOM: He didn't have to use any tools. He just took out his wallet.

RAY: Well, because they're racing counterclockwise around a track...

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: He wanted to make it so that the Jeffersonville truck would be able to negotiate those constant left-hand turns easier than the East Norriton truck.

TOM: I knew there was something to that counterclockwise thing.

RAY: And without using any tools, he simply let a little air out of the left-hand tires of the Jeffersonville truck. You know, if you have low pressure in one of your tires, your car will tend to pull in that direction.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: OK? Now, it could be argued that this doesn't satisfy the...

TOM: They're going counterclockwise.

RAY: Counter, yeah.

TOM: Counterclockwise.

RAY: You've got it now?

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: So, they're making all these lefts.

TOM: All these lefts.

RAY: And the low air pressure...

TOM: Out of the left side, so it's wants to go in that direction.

RAY: There you go.

TOM: I like it!

RAY: Well, I'm sure we'll get some letters about the fact that the rules required that they be set to factory configuration. That's the...

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: Yeah.

TOM: You can interpret that any way...

RAY: But I don't think anyone saw Gus do this, so I don't think there's a rules violation.

TOM: No, no, I think it's great.

RAY: Yeah, and if you have a problem with this, don't call us. Call Gus Wilson. Who's our winner, Tommy?

TOM: The winner is Craig Robbins from Rochester, Minnesota.

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