Fire Truck Race

The Puzzler

RAY: Here’s the answer. He wanted to make it so that the Jeffersonville truck would be able to negotiate those constant left-hand turns easier than the East Norriton truck.

TOM: I knew there was something to that counterclockwise thing.

RAY: And without using any tools, he simply let a little air out of the left-hand tires of the Jeffersonville truck. You know, if you have low pressure in one of your tires, your car will tend to pull in that direction.

Now, I'm sure we'll get some letters about the fact that the rules required that they be set to factory configuration. But I don't think anyone saw Gus do this, so I don't think there's a rules violation.

TOM: No, no, I think it's great.

RAY: Yeah, and if you have a problem with this, don't call us. Call Gus Wilson. Who's our winner, Tommy?

TOM: The winners are David and Kay Mowery from Riverside, CA. Congratulations, guys!

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