Finicky Volare

The Puzzler

RAY: Think of the hints. First of all it's a '76 Volare. It's old. It's carbureted.

TOM: The driver is old.

RAY: The driver is an old geezer. I thought of you immediately. And he's buying an unusual kind of ice cream. And I mentioned that all the hints were packed into the puzzler.

TOM: Packed in!

RAY: No - when you go in to buy chocolate, you go into the freezer case and there's chocolate in a container -- you take it, you pay for it, you get into your car and drive away. Same thing with vanilla. Nobody buys mint chip beef bean tofu. Right? So of necessity, it is hand packed.

TOM: Which takes what?

RAY: Longer. Long enough for his car to vapor lock.

TOM: Exactly.

RAY: So that's why his car doesn't like that ice cream.

TOM: Because the heat that is generated from the engine.

RAY: When would you be buying ice cream? In the summer.

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