A Field Goal Fiesta!

The Puzzler

RAY: This is from my Wide World of Sports series. A few weeks ago, like millions of other Americans, my two sons and I got together to watch the Super Bowl. Of course we had the usual array of sandwiches, chips, soda pop, candy and enough of everything so we wouldn't have to budge from our seats until half time.

We had just barely settled into our spots on the sofa when my wife popped in. 'I know that you three know a lot about sports, maybe everything, right?' she said.

Well, we didn't want to brag but it's quite possible we would be able to answer just about any question you could ask about sports.

'Okay, then,' she said. 'Try this one. Your team is losing 6 to nothing. The opposing team scored two field goals to account for its 6 points. Your team then scores three field goals while at the same time holding the other team scoreless. And now your team leads 7 to 6.'

We all shake our heads. 'No, no, no, that's not possible, you got that wrong.'

'Oh, yes, it is,' she said and she's right. The question is, how could she be right?

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