Fair Maiden Rowena and Three Boxes

The Puzzler

RAY: You got it? One is correct, and the other two are incorrect.

TOM: Mmm-hmm. Yeah.

RAY: And, if you look at one and three, they're contradictory.

TOM: Yes. What does that mean?

RAY: Well, they say the opposite.

TOM: I know that, but what does it mean in terms of the truth in fullness?

RAY: Well, it means that one of them must be true. One of those two statements must be true.

TOM: Yeah. Because if they...they say the opposite...

RAY: Well, all right. Then let's go...

TOM: Now, that's good. I like it.

RAY: Let's assume...

TOM: Wait. I like this, because if one of them is true, the gold box can't be true. The inscription on the gold box cannot be true, because if it is, then the inscription on the silver box must also be true.

RAY: And that can't happen.

TOM: And that can't happen.

RAY: So, the statement...

TOM: So, the statement on the third box, the lead box, is the only one that can be true. I love it!

RAY: The statement on the third box is the only one that can be true. The first one must be false, and the second box, which says, "Rowena's picture is not in this box," that is also false, which means that her picture is -

TOM: Is in that box!

RAY: In the silver box.

TOM: I love it. I love it.

RAY: So, it means the picture must be in the silver box.

TOM: You know, you tell me that geometry is better than this at teaching people how to think.

RAY: It's easier to explain.

TOM: Maybe it is.

RAY: That's why they teach it.

TOM: I think...I think all of grammar school and high school should be Puzzlers. Have nothing to do with algebra. I mean, trigonometry, the area under a curve--who cares! This is thinking, man. I still don't get it.

RAY: Well, there is someone who did get it.

TOM: And who's that?

RAY: I don't know. Who's our winner?

TOM: Well, the winner is Greg Frye from Scottsdale, Arizona.

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