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The Facts: Research and Reports

Text Messaging During Simulated Driving (PDF)
December 16, 2009
Teens and Distracted Driving
November 16, 2009
2009 NHTSA report on distracted driving
September 2009
Virginia Tech Transportation Institute research shows drivers are six times more likely to get in an accident while using their cell phones than non-users (PDF)
July 2009
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Q&A on talking, texting and driving
David Strayer's Report from the University of Utah (2006): Is using a cell phone while driving the same as driving drunk?
Summer 2006
Department of Transportation research document on the safety of using wireless devices while driving
2003 (made public in 2009)
Cell-Phone Induced Driver Distraction (PDF)
Use of Wireless Telephones Increases the Risk of Road Accidents
February 2001
The Impact of Driver Inattention on Near-Crash/Crash Risk (PDF)
April 2006
A Comparison of the Cell Phone Driver and the Drunk Driver
July 2004
Driving While Distracted
June 2004
Inattention: Blindness Behind the Wheel (PDF)
October 2003
How Dangerous Is Driving with a Mobile Phone? Benchmarking the Impairment to Alcohol (PDF)
September 2002
Safeguards At Risk: John Graham and Corporate America's Back Door to the Bush White House
March 2001
An Investigation of the Safety Implications of Wireless Communications in Vehicles
November 1997
Association Between Cellular Telephone Calls and Motor Vehicle Collisions
February 1997
The Effect of Cellular Phone Use on Driver Attention