Evil King Berman and the Three Boxes

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RAY: Ha! We're back. You're listening to Car Talk with us, Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, and we're to discuss cars, car repair and, uh, the new Puzzler.

TOM: I can hardly wait.

RAY: This comes from the days of knights and kings and fair maidens and...

TOM: And people named Rowena.

RAY: Rowena. There you go. Turns out that the fair maiden Rowena wishes to wed.

TOM: Aha!

RAY: And her father, the evil king, has devised a way to drive...

TOM: Raymond. Evil King Raymond.

RAY: Raymond. To drive off suitors.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: And he has a little quiz for them, and here it is.

TOM: And the White Knight Tommy.

RAY: More like green.

TOM: Can we work him in? OK. He has a quiz for the suitors. Yeah.

RAY: He has a quiz for the suitors, and here it is. It's very simple. There are three boxes on the table, OK? One is made of gold.

TOM: Mmm.

RAY: One is made of silver. And the third is made of...

TOM: Tofu.

RAY: Lead.

TOM: Lead.

RAY: Lead, OK?

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: Inside one of these boxes is a picture of the fair Rowena.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: And it is the job of the knight, the white knight, to figure out which--without opening them, of course...

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: Which one has her picture. Now, to assist him in this endeavor there are inscriptions on each of the boxes.

TOM: Oh, this is interesting already.

RAY: You've got to pay attention, now.

TOM: Yeah. I'm going to write this down.

RAY: You've got to write this down. Get a pencil and write this down. The gold box says...

TOM: Gold says, mmm-hmm.

RAY: "Rowena's picture is in this box."

TOM: In here. OK. Yeah.

RAY: The silver box says...

TOM: Mmm-hmm.

RAY: "The picture ain't in this box."

TOM: No, it's not.


TOM: Yeah.

RAY: The lead box says, "The picture ain't in the gold box."

TOM: Oh, I got the question already.

RAY: You do?

TOM: Yeah. Where's the picture?

RAY: Because if he just opens the box with the picture, he gets the girl.

TOM: Yeah. But he also gives him a hint, right? He's going to give him a hint.

RAY: Yes.

TOM: He's going to say, "All the labels are wrong."

RAY: No. The hint is, one of the statements, and only one, is true.

TOM: Excellent!

RAY: The question is: Where's the picture? And, when he sees the picture, is he still going to want her?

TOM: One of the statements is true.

RAY: One, and only one, of the statements is true.


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