Equate This, Part Deux

The Puzzler

RAY: The answer is 44, plus the square root of four, plus-- and this next part is in parentheses, four times the square root of four, which is eight. All of that equals 54.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: So it's 44 plus two, plus eight which is 54.

TOM: Yeah, pretty cute.

RAY: Well it is until we get the other 500 answers. Anyway do we have a winner?

TOM: We certainly do. Our winner this week is Jim Foss from Houghton, Michigan, and for having his answer selected at random from among all the correct answers that we got, Jim is going to get $26 gift certificate to the Shameless Commerce Division at Car Talk.com with which he can get a set of four, get four Car Talk reusable shopping bags.

RAY: Congratulations Jim!

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