Emergency Surgery in Horse Town! (This ain't no haircut!)

The Puzzler

RAY: Some of you may remember a puzzler from a long time ago, that took place in a little town called One Horse, Nevada, where a man was in urgent need of a haircut and he had to decide between two barbers. Today we're revisiting One Horse, Nevada for a new puzzler. This time, there are three men in need of emergency appendectomies. It happens!

Now because it's a one-horse town, there's only one doctor, Dr. Ruthless. And to complicate matters, her left arm is in a sling. Her shoulder got dislocated in a barroom brawl. But she can still operate using her right hand to wield the scalpel and her left hand to help put on and remove the surgical gloves.

Here's the problem: There are three people who need operations and only two gloves. And only one hand. A one-handed surgeon, with two gloves,
how can she do it, without risking contamination to her three victims, err... patients, and herself?

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