Electronic Stability Control
For those who aren't familiar with the plethora of automotive acronyms, ESC is the generic term for electronic stability control. We've also seen it called stuff like ASC, DSC, ESP, RSC, SCAS, and StabiliTrak. (Though we’ve yet to hear it called ASPCA, TTFN or ROTFL.)
ESC uses the your car’s anti-lock braking system, along with sensors, to keep you from losing control. How’s it work? First, it uses inertial sensors to determine where the car is going. Then it compares that information with information that says where you want the car to go. It does that, by looking at steering wheel, brake and accelerator sensors. Finally, it helps direct the car to where you want it to go by applying the brakes on individual wheels.
In layman's terms, electronic stability control helps you maintain control of the car even when you find yourself driving like a moron. 

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