Electrical Mystery Tour

The Puzzler

RAY: Well, the truth is there was probably nothing wrong with the original battery. What was wrong was the alternator was in fact faulty. The first alternator. The mechanic who replaced the alternator put in the right alternator, but it had the wrong size pulley.

TOM: Ha. Ha. Ha.

RAY: Ha. Ha. Ha. The pulley was too large in diameter and wasn't turning fast enough.

TOM: Yes. Big pulleys turn slowly and little pulleys turn fastly.

RAY: And you say well, what difference could that possibly make? Well, the difference it could make...

TOM: Right hand rule! It makes all the difference in the world. Everyone knows that the amount of electricity that you make, thanks to Michael Faraday, is a function of how fast the moving conductor is moving.

RAY: Right. It becomes especially important if you're driving around all the time in stop-and-go traffic.

TOM: And was this the case? That's the piece of information you left out?

RAY: Well, yeah. I had to leave it out otherwise it would have been too easy.

TOM: The truth is if you were driving 60 miles per hour this would not have happened.

RAY: Right. It would have been certainly adequate. To make it even worse, it was stop-and-go driving in the winter time when you have the headlights on, the heater on, the heated seats, the rear-window defogger...

TOM: The graphic equalizer.

RAY: The graphic equalizer.

TOM: The 8-Track tape player.

RAY: The Cuisinart.

TOM: Electric Shaver. The Juice Man.

RAY: Juice Tiger.

TOM: Do you have an adaptor for the Juice Tiger? And an iron. I always try to get my clothes done when I'm driving.

RAY: Yes, I can see that.

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