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#0534: Don't Drive Like Tommy

Original Air Date: 08.20.2005

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In this week’s Car Talk, bad advice comes back to haunt Tom and Ray (again!). Inspired by Car Talk's "Drive Now, Talk Later" cell-phone campaign, one listener takes a heroic stand – with a less-than-stellar outcome. Bob finds himself on the wrong side of the law when he tests Tommy’s theory about the EZ-pass lane. Want to get a few more miles out of your jalopy? Try some maple syrup in the gas tank! That’s just one of many dubious tips you’ll hear in this week’s show.

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This Week's Puzzler

From the bridge-crossing series: can you save this family? Find out!

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How can you divide the clock face so the sections add up equally? Find out!

Show Open Topic

A listener decides to take a stand against a cell-phone driver, but finds an undercover cop with no sense of humor.

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Under Tom and Ray's influence, one driver takes the law into his own hands.

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