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Dodge Journey R/T AWD (2013)

  • Unique “mid” size SUV—smaller than the Toyota Highlander, yet bigger than a RAV4. Covers a niche that not many other vehicles do in terms of size.
  • Seating position provided good visibility.
  • To make the Journey feel a bit more upscale, Dodge has tried, and largely succeeded in dressing up the interior. It’s got a lot of nice, comfort features, like leather, heated seats in our test car, heated steering wheel, a large touch screen display, and a Bluetooth audio system.
  • Decent room in the cargo area.

  • The vehicle screams “adequate.”
  • The Journey has the feeling of a car that was designed to be cheap, then patched up and upgraded in various ways to make it seem less cheap. You end up with mostly a good-looking, comfortable interior, but a driving experience that’s very ordinary.
  • Unmemorable and quite bland, in almost every respect: style, driving, handling, comfort.
  • Handling is a bit numb.
  • Navigation system was not one of the easier ones to use.
  • Back seat felt a bit cramped. Would have expected more legroom given the size advantage the Journey has over, say the RAV4.

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