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Dodge Challenger SRT8 Limited Edition (2010)

  • Stand-out-in-a-crowd styling
  • Quiet, low-rpm highway cruising in 6th gear
  • Easy to use temperature controls
  • Well bolstered front seats
  • 100 times better, mechanically, than the original version

  • Styling screams "I peaked in high school"
  • Ridiculously large 6.1 liter engine
  • 14 MPG
  • Poor three-quarter view visability
  • Heavy, balky clutch makes stop and go driving tedious
  • Among the last of this type of overpowered dinosaurs

Other notes:
If the styling appeals to you, you'll almost certainly be happier with the base engine, which, at 3.5 liters, is about half the size of this monster. The automatic transmission would also be recommended. With those changes, it's not a bad car.

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