Do Speedometers Lie?

The Puzzler

RAY: A few weeks ago I was test driving a BMW with a 5-speed transmission. And my soon to be 12-year-old son Andrew and I were driving on one of our weekly pilgrimages to Toys R Us or some such place. And we're driving along the highway, and he says, as he always does when we drive a test car, he looks over at the speedometer, "Geez Daddy, will this thing really do 160?"

TOM: And indeed it does go up to 160.

RAY: The speedometer says 160.

TOM: 318 Convertible.

RAY: I wasn't about to divulge that piece of information.

TOM: Well, forget I said that.

RAY: I'll forget you said that. And I was driving along, I looked at the speedometer, looked at the dashboard, and I said, "No it won't."

TOM: Ooh. Just like that?

RAY: Now, I am going to give a hint.

TOM: Had you been reading any manuals? Car and Driver?

RAY: No.

TOM: Car and Drivel?

RAY: No, nothing like that.

TOM: None of the above.

RAY: I'll give a hint. A week later, he and I were again driving to Toys R Us and this time we were driving in a Mustang with a 5-speed manual transmission and again he looks over and says, "Geez Daddy, will this one do 160 because that's what its speedometer says?" And I look down to verify, I looked at the dashboard, and I turned to him and said, "Yes, it will."

TOM: Did he say, "How do you know Daddy?"

RAY: I said, I just know.

TOM: Trust me.

RAY: How did I know? That's the question.

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