Do-It-Yourself Battery Jump

The Puzzler

RAY: This puzzler came in from a fellow who is some kind of a builder. He writes:

"I was hired to build a cabin in the woods 20 miles from civilization, so I set off early one morning before sunrise. And because there was no electricity at the site I brought along my generator, radio, etc. I also packed an extension cord, my electric drill and the bits, and my socket and wrench set. When I was finished for the day, I tried to leave but my battery was dead. I had left my lights on all day.

"I look behind the driver's seat and I find the following items: jumper cables, a roll of duct tape and a quart of Fillipo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil. By this time it's getting dark, the coyotes are howling and the buzzards are circling.

"If only there was a way to get power from the generator which is making 110 volts AC and get that into my dead battery, which is 12 volts DC. The question is: how can I do it with only the items at my disposal?"

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