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Distracted Driving in the News

New York Times: Keeping Eyes on Distracted Driving's Toll
April 2011
Reuters: Doctors urged to warn against cellphone use in cars
June 2010 Drivers Distracted Across the Globe
May 2010 Americans need crash course in driving
May 2010
The Salt Lake Tribune: Car Talk ? Hang up while driving
March 2010
The Chronicle of Higher Education: You Probably Think This Study's About You
March 2010
New York Times: Bills to curb distracted driving gain momentum in 2010
January 2010
New York Times: Driven to Distraction Series
December 2009
The Daily Show: Ray LaHood (@6 minutes in)
December 2009
Christian Science Monitor: Texting while driving: the new drunk driving
November 2009
NPR: Waging War on Distracted Driving
November 2009
PBS News Hour: Exploring the dangers of texting, talking while driving
October 2009
New York Times: States could lose hundreds of millions in federal highway funds if they don't ban texting while driving
July 2009
CNN: Proposed ban on cell phones in cars
January 2009
New Scientist: The real reason cars and cell phones do not mix
July 2005
IIHS: Crash risk is four times higher when driver is using a hand-held cell phone
July 2005
Johns Hopkins University: Multitasking: You can't pay full attention to both sights and sounds
June 2005
Virginia Tech: 100-Car Naturalistic Driving Study tracks drivers for a year
June 2005 Hands-Free Cell-Phone Use Takes a Hit
June 2005
University of Utah: Cell Phone Users Drive Like Old Folks
February 2005
Wall Street Journal: Industry Pushes Headsets In Cars, Agency Sees Danger Hands-Free Cell Phones May Be No Safer Than Hand-Held
July 2004