Deep in the Woods

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This was sent in by Jeff Moulter.

About twenty years ago, a young couple I knew, Throckmorton and his lovely wife Gretel, decided to escape the rat race and moved to a really remote area of Vermont.

About two weeks after they arrived at their little sylvan Shangri la, Gretel called her mother in Maine and told her that they were all settled in, and they just loved their new home, especially how out of the way it was.

Wouldn't you know it, the very next day the power went out. After two days with no well water or lights, the charm started to wear off a little bit. Winter had just begun in earnest and the daytime temperatures were well below freezing. So they decided to visit the aforementioned in-laws in Maine until the power was restored.

Now in the two weeks that they were in Vermont, they had not yet met any of the neighbors. And since so few people were affected, it was unlikely to be reported in the news when, and if, power had been restored. They were so new to the area, they didn't even know the name of the power company. The in-laws were far enough away that dropping by to check was obviously out of the question.

The question is, how would they know when power had been restored?

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