Dan Hammond

Hartford City, Indiana

Chemistry Professor

'95 Chevy S-10

Favorite memory about this vehicle:
There are so many! It's like one of those Chevy truck commercials that's a collage of fond images from the past. Hauling the lumber for the kid's swing set and chasing after the dog when she makes her escape from the yard are two that come to mind.

Why I donated:
The transmission kicked the bucket and, unfortunately, it would cost more to repair then the truck was worth.

NPR Station:
WBST, Indiana Public Radio, in Muncie, Indiana

Favorite NPR Shows:
Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Talk of the Nation, Performance Today ... and Car Talk, of course!

Excuse for listening to Car Talk:
I work on my bills while listening to Car Talk. Makes for a good juxtaposition.

Biggest surprise about the donation process:
It was so easy.

What's your new car?
It took two to replace her, a Miata and a Durango. I figure on average they add up to the S-10.

Can we tow it away for you, too? Please?
Hey, why not ... take the Durango! Go for it. You know where to find it.