Crusty's Wedding

The Puzzler

RAY: Here's what Crusty does to get to his wedding on time. He takes the lamp cord, realizes that this isn't going to be his bride's wedding present after all, and he cuts the cord with the jackknife. He then bares the ends of the cord so that he has a wire with the insulation removed. He then wraps that lamp cord around the screwdriver and, touching the bare ends to the battery, turns his screwdriver into an electromagnet. And in the second he pulls out the screw and before the lamp cord catches fire, he installs the screw, sets the points, making him only two hours late for the wedding.

TOM: Wow! Of course his bride-to-be was gone when he got to the church. But he did make it. You know, the moral of the story is that you can make it if you have to, but he was a little late. He'll have to wait until his next wedding.

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