Crusty's Exhaustive Brake Job

The Puzzler

TOM: And how did Crusty know?

RAY: What Crusty knew was that we had eliminated everything else. And without even looking, he knew that the people who put the muffler in the exhaust system had done something awful. They had put the exhaust pipe touching one of the brake lines. Now exhaust temperatures can run upwards of 500 degrees. And brake fluid boils at something less than 300 degrees. This was a recipe --

TOM AND RAY: For disaster.

RAY: So when he drove the thing, it sustained high speed in the summer. The exhaust system got that brake line really hot and the brake fluid turned into a vapor and made the pedal sink to the floor. And, of course, by the time we got the thing, everything was cooled off and worked normally. But when it was hot, it would fail because the brake fluid had turned to vapor.

TOM: And, as we know, vapors are compressible and liquids ain't very.

RAY: Who's our winner?

TOM: The winner is Regina Warren from Suffern, New York.

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