Crusty's Date

The Puzzler

RAY: Many years ago when our erstwhile mechanic Crusty was a young man and still courting the girls, he decided to take one of his dates out for a little ride in the country one evening, to park by the lake and do a little smooching.

They park his car, and go off for a little tramp in the woods. They come back an hour later, and to his horror, he sees that he has left his headlights on, and they are a mere shadow of their former selves.

Crusty runs to the car, turns off his headlights, tries to start the car, and gets, unfortunately, an "urrrurrr-urrrurrr."

He knows that if he doesn't get her home on time, the old man will be waiting there with the shotgun. Again.

TOM: Oh, I thought he was going to say, "Hon, I guess we're going to have to spend the night here."

RAY: No such luck. Crusty has to come up with something quick, and the car is parked in such a location that he could never hope to push it out of there. He opens the trunk to get his tool kit, and he's got a gallon of Filippo Berrio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a large tube of Preparation H, family size, a pair of pliers, and jumper cables, but alas, no one to jump to.

And yet, in about five minutes, he has the car running.

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