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The Puzzler

RAY: What he did have was an old car, one of those cars where you could take out the spark plugs with a pair of pliers.

TOM: Oh, man!

RAY: And what he does is he takes out two of them. If it's a six-cylinder car, he takes out two plugs, like number one and number six, which is halfway through the firing order.

TOM: Right.

RAY: And now, he's got a four-cylinder car, and he's got better than that. He's got two less cylinders to compress the mixture in.

TOM: Yes.

RAY: So, he turns the key, and now with the available energy in the battery --

TOM: Now it cranks.

RAY: -- it cranks up. Admittedly, it sounds like a Gatling gun when it starts, but he can run it long enough to charge up the battery.

TOM: Put the plugs back in.

RAY: Put the plugs back in. All the neighbors, of course, from miles around come, because they think someone's being shot at. He then can put the plugs back in and fire the thing up.

TOM: This was brilliant!

RAY: And drive home.

TOM: Brilliant!

RAY: Do we have a winner this week?

TOM: Who cares?

RAY: The winner is Murray Priceling!

TOM: No, the winner is Robert Cantabrega.

RAY: I would say Cantabrega.

TOM: Cantabrega. From Lebanon, New Hampshire.

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