Crusty, Original Recipe

The Puzzler

TOM: And how old is Crusty when this story took place?

RAY: Eighteen.

TOM: Ahh...

RAY: And the hint was of course that he asked if he bought tires in the summer, and of course the guy did.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: And what happened when he bought the tires is that one of the tires had water in it, as is often the case -

TOM: Well, you know what I -

RAY: - five tires, store them outside. The tire got mounted with the water in it, and when it was put on the high speed balancer and spun around, the water, because it was a liquid, got evenly distributed and got balanced...

TOM: With the rest of everything.

RAY: With the tire.

TOM: Right.

RAY: OK, now we fast forward to the first cold morning. I think I said it was a crisp fall morning.

TOM: Well, that's the part of the puzzler that I missed last week. I didn't realize you had said it was a crisp fall morning.

RAY: That's what happens when you doze. Because it was a crisp fall morning, that water froze and made a chunk of ice that now made that tire so unbalanced that the car really would feel like it was shaking itself apart when you tried to drive it. It would be so unbalanced, you wouldn't be able to drive it. Of course sitting in the warm garage all day, it melted and reverted to its summer state, etc. etc. etc. QED.

TOM: So what does one do in a case like that. You just make a hole in it so you can get the water to drain out?

RAY: Yeah, on the bottom.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: Yeah. If you do it on the top -

TOM: - on the top, the water won't.

RAY: The water would leak out.

TOM: Well, you could make the hole on the top and then apply heat to the tire and vaporize it.

RAY: And vaporize it.

TOM: It would come out the hole -- that's what I would do.

RAY: And who might our winner be?

TOM: The winner is Halden Babcock.

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