Crusty goes to Coleslawvania

The Puzzler

RAY: We decided some years ago to send our loyal and trusty mechanic, Crusty, on a much-deserved vacation. We gave him four days off and booked a flight for Mr. and Mrs. Crusty to Coleslawvania.

Of course, they speak no Coleslawvanian. And while they're in flight they realize that none of the other passengers speaks English.

When the plane finally touches down in Coleslawvania, they're relieved that they made it. They go through a lengthy customs search, and when they finally emerge into the parking lot it's late at night and there's nobody waiting to meet them.

The one cab driver can't communicate with them. They don't speak any Coleslawvanian, and he speaks no English. He throws up his hands.

There's practically no one in the airport. They're resigning themselves to sleeping that night in the airport when Mrs. Crusty sees a woman walking toward them whom she recognizes from the plane. She says, "Oh, thank God! We'll be able to get to our hotel tonight!"

And, of course, she's right. How does she know that this woman speaks English?

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