Counting at the Counter

The Puzzler

TOM: Well, I mean, my first thought was that it is not base 10.

RAY: Right. well...

TOM: Except what base is it? If there's a one here where I think there should be a seven, that means it should be base 6. But one of the numbers was a six and we know there's no 6 in base six. So it ain't base 6.

RAY: Well, it's base 3 on the right side of the decimal point and it's base 10 on the other side.

TOM: What kind of stupid addition is that?

RAY: Baseball addition.

TOM: Baseball?

RAY: They're adding up innings pitched. Where 3.1 is 3 and a third innings. 3.3 is four innings.

TOM: Oh my god! So this is innings. So I got 4, 5, 6, 7...7 thirds is 2 and one left over.

RAY: Comes out to?

TOM: 14.1

RAY: And the hint of course was the hats.

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