The Confederate Soldiers Who Left Home

The Puzzler

RAY: What they were called arose out of a tool they were carrying.

TOM: And I know what that is. A hoe.

RAY: Exactly. They were farm hoes. They were walking the back roads, riding and jumping on trains, and sleeping out in the countryside hoping to find some kind of work.

TOM: Is it hoe boys?

RAY: They were called hoe boys, which came to be called hobos. Who's our winner?

TOM: The winner this week is Oren Culner from Jamison, Pennsylvania. And for having his answer selected at random from among all those correct answers that we got Oren gets a 26-dollar gift certificate to the Shameless Commerce Division at with which he can get a copy of our CD full of calls about cars and animals. That's it. If you have a dog that likes to ride on the roof of your car or a herd of goats that keeps jumping on your Alfa Romeo, Oren, you need this CD.

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