The Coney Island Crab Cake Company

The Puzzler

RAY: The seven employees of the Coney Island Crab Cake Company are sitting in the lunchroom having lunch, when they decide that they would like to know the average salary at the company.

Obviously, each person could write down his salary, they could add the salaries and divide by seven. But, they don't want to do that because nobody wants to divulge his salary.

As luck would have it, the boss enters the lunchroom. The employees ask if he can tell them the average salary. He says, "No, but I can tell you the highest salary and the lowest. And I can tell you that none of you earn the same amount. But I can't tell you what the average salary is-- you'll have to figure that out for yourselves. "

Here's my question. Is there a way for these seven people in the lunchroom to figure out what the average salary is, without divulging anyone's salary AND without discovering the highest and lowest salaries?

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