Computing the Commute

The Puzzler

TOM: I know the answer. It was Daylight Saving Time.

RAY: Bingo.

TOM: Doesn't that happen in the middle of the night?

RAY: That's when she left work. She left work at 1:30 AM, and 2:00 AM is when you make the change.

TOM: Oh, she works nights. That's very good! So do we have a winner?

RAY: We do! The winner this week is Quentin Fennessey from Austin, Texas. That's a nice name.

TOM: It is a great name. Sounds like a drink. I'll have a Quentin Fennessey on ice, thank you!

RAY: For having his answer selected at random from the veritable avalanche of correct answers that we got, Quentin Fennessey is going to get a 26-dollar gift certificate to the Shameless Commerce Division at --

TOM: with which he can buy a new name.

RAY: -- with which he can get some of our Car Talk 20th anniversary swag.

TOM: Congratulations Quentin!

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