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A Complaint from the A.B.O.M.

Dear Tom and Ray:

So often we hear complaints about mechanics. Let me share a recent personal experience. My car would not shift smoothly nor at the proper speeds. I drove into a local transmission franchise and explained my problem to the manager. He asked a mechanic named Steve to take a test drive. Upon returning, Steve worked for a short time under the hood with a screw driver. We took another test drive, and everything worked perfectly. When I asked for the bill, I was told "no charge." I know very little about transmissions and they had an excellent opportunity to keep the car and charge me an arm and a leg. But instead, they handled it with honesty and integrity. How do you like that?

RAY: Gee, these guys are going to get a nasty letter from the Association of Boat Owning Mechanics. It's guys like that who ruin it for the rest of us!

TOM: Actually, Charles, people do seem to be under the impression that anyone even remotely associated with the automotive industry is a myxomycetous spheroid (slime ball). In fact, many of the people who write to us do so because they have a car problem, and don't trust their mechanic to give them an honest answer.

RAY: But there actually are a lot of honest and competent mechanics out there, and we're glad you found one. You should reward him by bringing him your business again, and recommending him to neighbors and friends.

TOM: You might also think about dropping a note to Ripley's Believe It or Not (just kidding, Charles).
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