A Company Move Like None Other

The Puzzler

RAY: This puzzler was sent in by Steve Tersich.

Steve writes, "My previous company employed 60 people and the employees all worked at the corporate headquarters in the same 4000-square foot office in Bloomington, Minnesota which is a suburb of Minneapolis. We all lived in different directions, north, northwest, south, southeast, from work, with none of more than say, 20 miles away. There was no group of homes congregated in any one area, and there were no physical obstructions to anyone's commute to work like a lake, or an ocean or mountains or any of that stuff.

My company's president and owner decided it made sense, economic sense I guess, to relocate all 60 employees to another single new corporate headquarters location. And in doing so, he didn't take into account how a physical move of this nature might affect the distance traveled to work, or the commute time of the employees.

In making this move, the company president found that new headquarters was closer to his home. And it worked out great for him because he also got a brand new fancy office, with more room. But when the move to the new location was finally completed, each and every one of us employees was also now closer to home, than we had been before the move.

How could this be? We all still worked in the same office together. Just like before.

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