Car Talk: Don't you have anything better to do than sit around and dream up names for cartoons?

Geoff: What can I say? I was taking a break from my hobby of studying quantum physics.

Car Talk: How'd you find out we needed a name for our new TV show?

Geoff: I received an email announcing the contest. You guys are good at getting through my spam filter. How do you do it?

Car Talk: That's proprietary info, Geoff. We'd have to kill you.

Car Talk: Did you have a "Eureka" moment, when you dope-slapped yourself?

Geoff: Yes. Which, actually, was the very same moment when I discovered that it's not a good idea to dope-slap yourself while driving.

Car Talk: How are you preparing for your cameo on the Car Talk cartoon?

Geoff: Looking for an agent - and watching "Three Stooges" reruns. By the way, can I deduct those DVD purchase from my taxes, now that this is work?

Car Talk: We won't tell the IRS, don't worry. Do you expect to spin your cameo off into your own animated TV series?

Geoff: Actually, I was close to signing a big deal with Fox. But, now, I'm assuming the cameo will ruin my reputation.

Car Talk: How long have you been suffering through our lousy show?

Geoff: I guess for about the past 15 years - which feels like a lifetime, come to think of it.

Car Talk: What about the good NPR shows? Which ones do you like?

Geoff: I like "A Prairie Home Companion" (Garrison really IS humorous). And I'll admit to enjoying classical music. Tom and Ray, and Beethoven - can you get me some help?

Car Talk: We do have a 12 step program. You can start by turning off your radio - and sending us a $1,000 deposit. You said you used to be a Service Manager at a Buick Dealership. Now 'fess up... how many times have you said, "They all do that!"

Geoff: That's not fair, guys! Sometimes, they really do "all do that."

Car Talk: Whatever you say. Now, what do you have to say to the thousands of other Car Talk fans who are crestfallen, because they lost?

Geoff: Oh, they shouldn't worry. They won't have to wait long. When the show is cancelled, they'll get another chance.

Car Talk: Thanks for the vote of confidence. Now, take your free PBS tote bag and Car Talk CDs and get out of here!

Geoff: Thanks guys. Can I sell this stuff on eBay? No, seriously - thanks. This was fun!