Citizenship Quandary

The Puzzler

TOM: What were their names?

RAY: Ethel and Lucy

TOM: Was there an embassy involved?

RAY: No embassy involved. I stipulated they were not twins.

TOM: Was there a ship involved? A space ship?

RAY: Ahhh - there you go. There may have been a ship involved. One of those ships may have been of English origin. The fact is, one of the girls was born before the United States was the United States, when Boston, Massachusetts was a colony. The other was born later when the United States was a country.

TOM: That's good. That has one of the elements of a good puzzler -- surprise!

RAY: Just one, huh?

TOM: Making a simple assumption that this had to have happened like yesterday, when in fact, it could have happened 200 years ago. That's good. I like that. Do we have a winner?

RAY: Yes

TOM: The winners this week are Bob and Shirley Wright from Plainwell, Michigan.

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