The Case of the Whacked Out Clock

The Puzzler

RAY: Let's say he looked at the clock and he saw that the hands were 180 degrees apart, but the clock read 11:25.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: But it's impossible for it to be 11:25 and the hands be 180 degrees apart.

TOM: Oh, of course!

RAY: Because when it's 11:25, in fact, the hour hand's...

TOM: It'd be beyond 11.

RAY: It should be 5/12 of the way to 12. He knew the clock was broken because it read a time that was impossible.

TOM: Oh, man. This is really sucky.

RAY: No, it isn't. It's wonderful!

TOM: Oh, man! You are going to get so much hate mail! I'll be on your side; I'm your brother.

RAY: Oh, I doubt it!

TOM: And I'll defend you to the death.

RAY: I doubt it!

TOM: So who’s our winner this week?

RAY: The winner is Maury Belsky from Medford, Oregon. Congratulations!

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