Case of Two Bedouins and a Dead Man

The Puzzler

RAY: It's early in the morning. Two Bedouins are crossing the desert on their camels, when they come across a suitcase in the sand that's partially open. It's stuffed with clothes.

TOM: Talk about obfuscating! That has nothing to do with this question! When you heard this, it was probably two guys walking down the street in New York City.

RAY: No! It has everything to do with the puzzler. The Bedouins come across a suitcase in the sand, but interestingly, they see no tracks of any kind surrounding it. They continue on their journey, heading for the oasis.

TOM: They leave the suitcase there?

RAY: It was Western clothing, oddly enough. It was of no interest to them. They go on, and find another suitcase in the sand. Same thing. It's open, clothes are strewn about, and there are no tracks in the sand.

TOM: They're in a hurry to get to the oasis, because they got dates there, right?

RAY: Right. Dates and figs. Next, they come across a video camera in the sand. A little while later, they find shoes, hats, pants and shirts. A short distance after that, they see a man lying face down, obviously dead, in the sand, grasping a piece of straw. What happened?

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