Case of Two Bedouins and a Broken Car

The Puzzler

RAY: A Bedouin is driving his car home from work late one night. And the car breaks down.

TOM: In the desert?

RAY: No, no, no. He lives in Paterson, New Jersey. I like this puzzler, because it requires that you think outside the box, as they say.

He calls his brother and says, "I need help. You've got to come rescue me, my car broke down." So, the Bedouin's brother shows up, many hours later, with his car. They assess the situation. The first brother, whose car had broken down, says, "Are you ready to help?" To which the second brother replies, "I can't tow you. We do have a rope, you know -- but I still can't tow you home." After hearing this, the brother who broke down thinks for a minute, then says, "That's okay. I'll tow you home."

TOM: How could this possibly be?

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