Case of Two Bedouins and a Broken Car

The Puzzler

RAY: And he's going to do the towing? How could this possibly be?

TOM: Wow!

RAY: Well, the way it could possibly be, the only scenario I can envision, is that Fred's brakes had failed.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: So, if, if in fact Frank had tried to tow him home, he'd be crashing into him every time he stopped.

TOM: Sonja Henie's tutu!

RAY: On the other hand, if Fred is driving...

TOM: In the front.

RAY: ...the broken car in the front...

TOM: And Frank steps on the brake...

RAY: ...And he steps on the brake, the brother will see the brake lights and know enough to step on the brake himself and slow both cars down.

TOM: Because the rope will pull. Ah.

RAY: Until the rope breaks. That's next week.

TOM: Man, that's very good!

RAY: Do we have a winner this week?

TOM: No.

RAY: Nobody won?

TOM: Yeah. We got a winner.

RAY: They were so disgruntled over last week's.

TOM: See now, that's a good Puzzler. That's good.

RAY: I realize there is not an abundance of good Puzzlers out there. So, you can't go shooting your wad the first 10 years of the show.

TOM: No.

RAY: You gotta go for the long...

TOM: Dole them out.

RAY: And you gotta intersperse a couple of stinkers in there.

TOM: Sure.

RAY: And more than that, it makes people really appreciate the few good ones that come along every once in awhile.

TOM: Sure. I mean, don't forget, even the best of hitters bats only like 300.

RAY: That's right.

TOM: In baseball.

RAY: And everyone thinks he's a hero and a star, and he makes $4.9 million a year. Don't forget that part.

TOM: And don't forget that part.

RAY: Yeah.

TOM: So, if you hit one out of three, that's pretty good. Of course, you're about one out of 10. But the winner is Victoria Loudis from Douglaston, New York.

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