The Case of the Mysterious Murder in Maine

The Puzzler

RAY: A woman and her husband spent a week vacationing in Maine last
summer, where they rented a small cabin, not too far from town and
some well-known tourist attractions. About two months after they had
returned home, the woman called the police department in that small
town and reported a body - yes, a human body lying face down in the
brush behind the very cabin they had rented.

The detective to whom she spoke said there had indeed been a murder,
and only recently was the victim found in that exact spot. The
detective was angry though, and demanded to know why she had not
called sooner.

He asked, "What, were you in a coma or something? Or maybe you were
abducted by Martians?"

She said, "Oh no. It was nothing like that," and she explained her actions.

The detective said, "Oh, I see," and thanked her for her call.

What had she said?

I'll give a hint. The hint is "vacation."

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