The Case of a Counterfeit Twenty

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RAY: This was sent in by a fellow named Joe Pisch and I had to... embellish it.

A man went into a store to buy a shirt. Shirts happened to be on sale and that day they were 12 bucks. The man handed the clerk a twenty-dollar bill and it was the first sale of the day and the clerk couldn't make change. So he took the twenty and went to the diner next door where he asked the diner owner for twenty ones.

The diner owner opened the till and after a few seconds he said, "Jeez, if I give you twenty ones I'll have only two left." A customer sitting by himself at the counter, sucking down some greasy eggs, volunteered to pay the four dollars for his breakfast so the diner owner was able to give the twenty ones to the clerk in exchange for the twenty.

The clerk then returns to his store where he gave the customer his eight dollars change and the twelve-dollar shirt. Of course, while he was gone the customer stole three neckties, five pairs of socks and a trench coat, but that's another story. Anyway later that day, the diner owner came to the clerk and said, "That twenty from this morning, it's counterfeit. Instead of Andrew Jackson's picture on the bill, it's got Michael Jackson's!" The clerk apologized profusely and handed over two good ten-dollar bills, then he tore up that bogus twenty.

If the store paid six-dollars and seventy-five-cents for that shirt, how much money was lost, and by whom?

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