Carla's ex-husband tells her what to do with her Cadillac

Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a 1986 Cadillac with 86,000 miles. I will soon be divorced, and am concerned about this car since you stated in a previous column that an '86 Cadillac is "not exactly the zenith of reliability." I asked my soon-to-be-ex-husband what I should do with it...I hope you two have a more plausible suggestion.

TOM: Gee, Carla, my ex-wife made the same recommendation to me some years back. But at the time, I was driving a sub-compact. Certainly nothing with fins!

RAY: Anyway, Carla, to be fair, we have to put our Cadillac remarks in context. The column you cite was recommending an extended warranty to a gentleman who was purchasing an '86 Cadillac.

TOM: Right. It may not be the most reliable car ever built, but there are lots of divorcees who would LOVE to be driving around in '86 Cadillacs. In fact, if my second wife thought she could end up with an '86 Cadillac, my days would be numbered!

RAY: Our suggestion would be not to worry about the car. You probably have enough on your mind right now as it is. Just try to tuck it to him on the rest of the settlement so you'll have some extra money for repairs.
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