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A Car Tune for a Good Cause

This weekend, Car Talk is pleased to feature, "I Gotta Have a Foreign Car," a car tune written by the late, great Tom Monahan.

A little more than a year ago, Tom passed away from ALS at the age of 58. In response, his pals banded together to release The Manics Pick on Monahan, a CD featuring Tom's original music, which ran a gamut of non-traditional bluegrass, jazzy swing, folk and gospel tunes. Proceeds from sales of the CD benefit Compassionate Care ALS, a non-profit organization that helps families dealing with ALS. If you like the tune, we hope you'll grab a copy of the CD and support this great cause in the process.

During his life, Tom touched many people. According to his pals,

An incredible man of many talents, Tom brought people together, attracting and connecting a network of friends across all areas of his many interests. He was a creative director at a global media company, an on-line publishing champion, a gifted furniture designer and an avid sailor. He was also a quick-witted storyteller, a songwriter and a good-natured mischief-maker. Beloved husband to Mary and big brother to five siblings, Tom left a wonderfully warm place in the hearts of countless friends and co-workers.

We're delighted to have been able to share some of Tom’s music with our listeners.

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