First-Aid Kit

We know you've been planning to put a first-aid kit in your car - but you just never got around to it, did you?

Will a first-aid kit stop the bleeding from a slashed aorta? Nope. But you should have a basic first-aid kit on hand, so when you bash your knuckles after using your vise-grips, you'll be all set. A good first-aid kit should include a selection of bandages, a few sterile gauze pads and dressings, some antibiotic ointment, acetaminophen tablets and a pair of nitrile protective gloves.

Tip: It's often less expensive to buy these items individually at a drug store than to purchase a fancy, pre-packaged kit.

Mylar Space Blanket

Will our Mylar space blanket save you at 40 below in blizzard-force winds? Of course not! A good space blanket, however, will reflect back a lot of your heat--they're used by rescuers of all sorts. Having one in your car might just help keep you keep cozy when you're broken down next January in East Moosejaw.

Oil Rags

Having a few clean rags on hand is a great idea. They'll be there when you need them to absorb fluids of all kinds, whether oil, gas, coffee, spittle, blood or cerebral-spinal fluid. Then again, if you're mopping up cerebral-spinal fluid, you have bigger problems on your hands than getting a stain on your shirt.

Tip: Double the number of rags you think you'll need. Then add a few more.

Gojo Hand Cleaner

Gojo is the official, waterless hand cleaner of Neanderthal car mechanics the planet over. This stuff is amazing - it'll get your hands so clean after that emergency roadside valve job that all your boss will notice at your presentation an hour later is that wonderful citrus aroma you're "wearing."

Tip: Gojo and many other similar cleaners are now available in single-use packets.