Fix-a-Flat Tire Sealant

Someday, somewhere, you'll be really glad you have a can of Fix-a-Flat in your car. (You can thank us now.)

If you do get a flat, you'll want to use Fix-a-Flat as soon as possible, before all the air escapes from the tire. Otherwise, the tire may separate from the wheel, and then it won't work.

Oh, and there's one other thing: Fix-a-Flat is not a great dessert topping. Trust us on this one.

Tip: If it looks dangerous to fix the flat or change the tire, forget it. You can drive on a flat tire. You can't go very fast, but you can go. It will cost you a new tire, and it may even cost you a new wheel. But consider the alternative - the cost of a funeral.

Gas-O-Haul® Emergency Gas Carrier

This is a government approved, safe container for carrying gas. We like this one because it folds flat until you need it. When you're ready to use it, unfold it. Do not insert the nozzle until after you've filled the container with gas.

Tip: No matter how desperate you are, you should never, ever carry gas in milk jugs or anything else that's not designed for carrying fuel.

Vise-Grip Straight-Jaw Locking Pliers

Vise Grips are the emergency alternative to carrying around a full set of English and metric sockets. In our opinion, a pair of Vise Grips is the most versatile tool you can have in your car. Get the original ones, too--not cheap knockoffs from Outer Mongolia.

There are all sorts of uses for vise-grips, including removing stubborn nuts and bolts, and tightening battery connections. There are more creative uses for vise-grips, too. For example, if you have a leaking coolant hose, clamp the vise-grips onto the hose and temporarily stop the leak. If your alternator bracket breaks, you can hold it in place with vise-grips.

Tip: Play with these some day, before you really need them. The little threaded knob on the end opens and closes the opening; then, when you squeeze down on the handles, the tool will lock onto whatever it is you're using it for. To unlock the grip, push on the thin bar between the handles.