Car Talk recently received the following letter from Markus Mager of the Alaska Public Radio Network, about one of our more interesting listeners. We thought you'd like to see it.

Dear Click and Clack,

Fasten your seat belts! I had to write you! I want to share a story about an interesting man, my friend Mike, RIVER MIKE. He is a fan of Car Talk, I'm a fan of Car Talk, so we thought, why not write to Car Talk? Anyway, Mike lives the most kind of extreme lifestyle in Alaska!

River Mike lives in a 8x10 canvas wall tent year-round in one of the harshest climates on earth, the interior of Alaska. The coldest weather he has experienced was -68°F below. He was a body man in his other life and never misses Car Talk (on his battery radio) and he's always been curious about what you guys look like. He invites you to visit him - it will make you appreciate what you have at home. His '61 GMC Suburban is the most photographed truck in the state. It's equipped with a wood stove, parked ten months out of the year and only driven two months in the summer. I will bet some of your listeners have seen it - being Mike's only transportation (except his canoe and dog teams) since 1982. Mike's total fuel bill for ten months was the cost of two gallons of gas for his chainsaw; his ONLY source of light is a led headlamp.

His only means of travel in the winter is on snowshoes. His drink of choice is Everclear + Tang. The sign on his trailer reads: The dogs are born killers and I'm crazy. Good idea to knock first.

Walden by Henry David Thoreau was the book that changed his life. It took him out of a custom '69 Corvette and put him behind a team of sled dogs and HE HASN'T LOOKED BACK.

He is a very special friend and despite living in his tent in the woods, he is a kind, social and honest person.

We also did a story about Mike on the Alaska Public Radio Network.

Whenever you in Alaska, we can go out and visit him.

Best regards from Fairbanks, Alaska,

Markus Mager